Indisputable Bible Truth

About this Web Site

There are a lot of beliefs today about what the Bible teaches. This website was created to dispense Bible truth, to use the whole of scripture when considering a particular topic. This website should be considered an encyclopedia of Bible truths. Each topic is explored comprehensively and in-depth and considers the entire context of scripture.

This website presents only what the Bible says. It operates under the principle of sola scriptura. It does not consider outside sources, whether historical or contemporary. It does not link to other web sites. It does quote from the Bible liberally, fully covering a particular topic from Genesis to Revelation. There is no room left for doubt regarding the truths presented. The weight of the evidence makes the Bible truth indisputable. However, the presention of these truths is simple and easy-to-understand.

This website simply states what the Bible says on a particular topic. It does not explore whether or not what the Bible says is true. For instance, if the Bible said, "The moon is made of cheese," we would prove that the Bible teaches that the moon is made of cheese. We would attempt to prove that religion-X's interpretation that the moon is made of bologna is inaccurate. We would not attempt to prove that the moon is made of cheese, however. That's not our job. We're going to tell you what the Bible says, not whether or not what it says is true.

(We do believe, however, that if the Bible says it, you can believe it.)

We're not an evangelistic organization. We're not here to proselytize. We're not here to convert. However, discovering Biblical truth can have that effect. You might discover that your worldview is not in line with Bible teaching, and might have thought it was. If so, give praise to God for His mercy in opening your eyes to His truth. Then pray that He leads you to where you need to be. He will.